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AP Music Theory

The AP Music Theory course corresponds to two semesters of a typical introductory college music theory course that covers topics such as musicianship, theory, musical materials, and procedures. Musicianship skills including dictation and other listening skills, sight-singing, and keyboard harmony are considered an important part of the course. Through the course, students develop the ability to recognize, understand, and describe basic materials and processes of music that are heard or presented in a score.
Development of aural skills is a primary objective. Performance is also part of the learning process. Students understand basic concepts and terminology by listening to and performing a wide variety of music. Notational skills, speed, and fluency with basic materials are emphasized.

Students receive weighted credit for participating in AP classes, they receive college credit only by achieving a high score on the College Board’s Advanced Placement Tests. There are fees for each test, which students will be responsible for paying. Colleges have different criteria for awarding credit for scores on AP tests, and it will be the responsibility of students to contact colleges to ascertain their policies regarding Advanced Placement scores.

Teacher: Matt Farley