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Art I
Art I is an introductory art course designed to foster understanding, enjoyment, and use of art in everyday living. Emphasis is placed on the elements of art and the principles of design using various art techniques and materials to create two-dimensional and three- dimensional art works. Students will engage in drawing, painting, crafts, sculpture, and/or graphic arts to express ideas and create images. They will prepare and display their artwork as part of the artistic process.

Art II
Art II is an intermediate art course for students who desire to continue to develop their artistic abilities. Instruction is designed to improve their skills, creativity, vocabulary, imagination, and artistic growth. Focus on is art history and the use of that knowledge of artists, styles, movements, and cultures as inspiration to create art works. Students will begin to use technology and electronic media as artistic tools. They will prepare and display their artwork as part of the artistic process.

Art III continues to emphasize the development of abilities and skills in creating works of art using an expanded range of art media and processes. Advanced study and instruction in drawing and painting styles, theories, and techniques are emphasized. Career opportunities in the field of art through specific job related projects in the areas of advertising, fashion design, and illustration are explored. Students use technology to create and manipulate images. Selected works of art are added to a portfolio of their best products that can be used for exhibition and career opportunities.

Art IV
Art IV affords students the opportunity to develop a personal direction in the production of their art work with a possible concentration in an area of interest. The course is designed to enable students to develop skill, confidence, and commitment and to demonstrate an advanced level of performance. The culmination is a display of work students have produced throughout their high school art program.