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Athletic Training

Athletic Training 1
Athletic Training 1 is designed to introduce students to the profession of athletic training.  It will also introduce other health care professions so students understand the similarities, differences, and relationship of Athletic Training to other health care professions. This will give students a chance to reflect on their future educational/career goals.  This class moves at a fast pace, covers medical terminology, anatomy and physiology. Some of the skills included in this course are First/Aid & CPR, taping, wrapping, and modality application.  

Athletic Training II
Athletic Training 2 is designed to be a continuation of the knowledge students learned in Athletic Training I. It will delve further into the Anatomy and Physiology of the human body, elaborate on the athletic injuries discussed in the prerequisite course, introduce new injuries, learn rehabilitation and modality techniques, and give students the opportunity to do observation hours under a certified athletic trainer. This class moves at a fast pace, covers medical terminology, anatomy and physiology.

Teacher: Breanne Piatt