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Chorus I
Chorus I is designed to develop the student’s vocal abilities. Areas covered in music include developing the voice, understanding musical terms, training the ear for listening, singing in harmony with the group, and learning basic choreography for specific selections. Chorus is a performance oriented group of mixed voices organized to give singers training in a variety of vocal forms and styles. Singers will perform an assigned vocal part in unison and in simple harmony. The overall goal is to enable students to be able to read their part in choral music and to be able to perform music in an appropriate style.

Chorus II
This course forms an intermediate level chorus ensemble for men and women with good singing skills. Students will continue to develop and improve their singing techniques (breath control, posture, diction, tone production), as well as their sight-reading skills. Preparation of music for performance (of moderate difficulty, and mostly in three and four part settings) is a major course objective. Participation in concerts and various programs and extra rehearsals (as needed) are required. There are special dress requirements for concert appearances.

Women’s Chorale
Any female in grades 9-12 who has prior musical experience or who is invited to participate may audition for this class. Students in the class rehearse daily to prepare to perform a demanding level of music. Written work includes a story of music theory and history. Students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in district, regional, and state events.

Teacher: Daryl Knott