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Teacher: Yvonne Hansotte

Horticulture I
Designed for high school sophomores and juniors, Ornamental Horticulture I involves the production, maintenance, processing, and distribution of plant materials. This course is designed to give students a basic background and entrylevel employment skills in the following major learning areas: career opportunities, plant propagation, home gardening, lawn care, greenhouse and nursery management, floral design, and holiday decorations. Instruction is provided in safety practices and leadership skills.

Horticulture II
A course for high school juniors and seniors, Ornamental Horticulture II is designed to help students develop the necessary knowledge and skills for employment and advancement in areas such as landscape design, landscape construction, and landscape maintenance. Skills such as sketching and drawing, analyzing a landscape site, designing landscapes, identifying and selecting landscape plants, purchasing and installing plants, and maintaining landscapes by watering, fertilizing, mulching, pruning, and controlling pests are introduced. Students also learn the basics of the plant production industry. Instruction includes the science of plant production as well as market and business management. Participation in Future Farmer of America activities provides leadership development opportunities. Students enrolled in this course will take a career and technical assessment defined by the Virginia Department of Education.

Horticulture III
A course for high school seniors, Ornamental Horticulture III enables students enrolled in the course to learn the operating procedures for a greenhouse. Units of instruction include developing plant production facilities, science application in plant production, and identification of plants. Business management and marketing skills are emphasized to prepare students for careers in the greenhouse plant production and management industry. Leadership development is offered through participation in Future Farmers of America.