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Teacher: Brett Hastie

Journalism I
This course will provide first-year students with the opportunity to develop skills for both creative and journalistic writing. Students will learn about the history of journalism and will be introduced to basic journalistic techniques. They will have the opportunity to write for the school newspaper, the Beeline.

Journalism II/The Beeline
Students continue to learn and practice journalistic skills as they work to write, edit, lay out, and improve the school newspaper, the Beeline. For layouts, students will learn how to use InDesign software. Students in the class who serve as editors for the paper will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and will learn a sense of responsibility and ownership of the paper. When not working on hands-on assignments, students will learn additional information about important journalists and newspapers, pertinent lawsuits, and first amendment issues. The course will help to prepare interested students for college-level journalism classes.

This course introduces students to the principles of digital photography focusing on both technical and artistic elements of shooting and composition. In addition this class serves as the photography "agency" for the publications program allowing endless opportunities for students to have their work published in the yearbook, newspaper, literary-art magazine and online. 

Students will learn to evaluate, critique and curate their work culminating in a second semester portfolio project with the option to have it professionally printed and bound.

This class is designed for students interested in all aspects of yearbook production. In their work on the yearbook, students will gain insight into the creative, mechanical, managerial, and business functions related to the production of the school yearbook, The Buzzer. Through producing the yearbook, students will learn to cooperate as members of a highly organized team. They will gain experience in journalistic writing and will observe, understand, and apply technical skills inherent in photojournalism. Students will be involved in reading, proofreading, interviewing, examining records, scouting sports, and social events, promoting sales, selling advertising, completing photography assignments, meeting deadlines, and attending workshops.