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Tech Drawing

Teacher: Bernet Revely

Basic Technical Drawing
In this course, designed for students with a sound knowledge of math, students experience the basic language of industry and technology. They gain skills and understanding of the broad scope of mechanical drawing and drafting. The course is highly recommended for students who plan to study engineering, architecture, landscaping, or industrial technology in the future. An introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) is included in the course.

Engineering Drawing
In this course, students are introduced to the graphic language of industry for engineers, manufacturers, and technicians. The course provides greater depth in drafting problems, skills, and techniques and emphasizes interpretation of industrial prints, ability to use reference books and resource materials, and the adherence to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for drafting. An important aspect of the course is the application of Computer Aided Design (CAD) principles and applications to typical engineering and design problems. Students enrolled in this course will take a career and technical assessment defined by the Virginia Department of Education.

Architectural Drawing
Architectural Drawing provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the basic background and principles of architecture and its related drafting practices and techniques. Computer Aided Design (CAD) principles are an integral part of the instruction. Construction methods and techniques are studied and applied in the building of scale model projects. This course can benefit a future building or landscape architect, interior designer, or home builder, as well as a future homeowner. Students enrolled in this course will take a career and technical assessment defined by the Virginia Department of Education.

Advanced Technical Drawing, Part I and Advanced Technical Drawing, Part II
This class is an introduction to the use of two-dimensional drawing and uses CAD software. Students will be required to learn the commands necessary to produce two-dimensional drawings, plotting methods and procedures, and Orthographic (Multi-view) Projection. The course is also dual enrolled with Central Virginia Community College, and students successfully completing the course can earn up to 6 college credit hours.