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Staff NameTitleE-mailWebsite
Staff NameTitleE-mailWebsite
Alley, John Spanish, Dept. Chair Email  
Armes, Cory Social Studies, Cross Country Head Coach Email  
Beard, Robert Social Studies, Assistant Athletic Director Email  
Bolling, Meghan Art Email  
Bond, Kimberly Science Email  
Bonheim, Corey Math & Science Email  
Bowles, Kerry Counselor (H - R) Email  
Brewer, Cathy Nurse Email  
Burnett, Jeff Assistant Principal E-mail  
Burns, Wanda Special Education Email  
Cardwell, Teddy Science Email  
Carlson, Karen Counselor (A-G) Email  
Cole, Tom Principal E-mail  
Cook, Brandon Math Email  
Cooter, Jessica Spanish Email  
Cowden, Gary Math Email  
Dalton, Bridget Math Email  
Daniels, Josh Weight Training, Football & Softball Coach Email  
Daniels, Traci Director of Counseling (S - Z) Email  
Davis, Sarah Science, Dept. Chair Email  
Dyke, Warner Physical Education, Girls' V. Basketball Coach Email  
Emanuel, Megan Drama Email  
Enloe, Pamela Special Education Aide Email  
Enoch, Mildred English Email  
Epperson, Carol Guidance Secretary Email  
Ewers, Liana Math Email  
Ewers, Owen Carpentry Email  
Farley, Matt Band Director Email  
Foster, Robert Social Studies, Football Coach Email  
Fuller, Patty Special Education Aide Email  
Glaize, Chris Physical Education Teacher, Assistant Boys' Basketball Coach, V. Baseball Head Coach Email  
Glass, Russell School Resource Officer Email  
Hansotte, Yvonne Horticulture Email  
Harkrader, Sarah Chorus Email  
Harrison, Sterling Special Education Email  
Hastie, Brett Publications, Photography, Journalism  Email Visit BrookvillePubs.com 
Heagy, Christine Latin Email  
Hensen, Tammy Attendance Secretary Email  
Hudson, Rachel Counseling Secretary Email  
Jester, Scott Social Studies, V. Boys' Basketball Head Coach Email Website 
Kidd, Larry Athletic Director Email  
Kramer, Brooksie Librarian Email  
Kuettner, Jerina Special Education Aide Email  
Lee, James Special Education Email  
Lester, Debbie Social Studies Email Website 
Llewellyn, Shannon English Email  
Lovitt, Kory In-School Suspension Email  
Markey, Bobby Math Email  
Martin, Heather Physical Education Email  
Maxwell, Janet English Email  
Meeks, Jon Special Education, V. Football Head Coach Email  
Morgan, Jonathan Spanish Email  
Piatt, Breanne Athletic Trainer Email  
Pieleck, Joyce Special Education Email  
Porter, Cora Beth Special Education, Dept. Chair Email Website 
Reed, Hank Science Email  
Regan, Julie Math, Dept. Chair Email  
Revely, Bernet Technical Drawing Email  
Rosser, Nikki English Email  
Sawyer, Amy English Email  
Scharnus, Kim Business Email  
Scott, Aaron Social Studies Email Website 
Scott, Jeff Student Support Email  
Shackelford, Barbe ELL Email  
Sharman, Lindsey Science Teacher Email  
Shuler, Don Art and Computer Teacher Email  
Songer, Timothy Biology Teacher Email  
Staley, Leslie Social Studies Teacher, Department Chair Email Website 
Stewart, Warren Physical Education Teacher, Wrestling Head Coach Email  
Stinnett, Pam Bookeeper Email  
Stuckey, Jennifer English Teacher Email Website 
Summy, Cheryl Special Education Teacher Email  
Tate, Laura Science Teacher Email  
Thompson, Danielle Special Education Teacher Email  
Thurman, Julia English Teacher Email  
Turner, Kendra French Teacher Email  
Tyree, Cindy Office Secretary Email  
Washburn, Dayn History Teacher Email  
White, Christine Assistant Principal/School Testing Coordinator E-mail  
Wolk, Amy English Teacher Email  
Showing 80 items