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Staff NameTitlePhoneE-mailWebsite
Staff NameTitlePhoneE-mailWebsite
Alley, John Spanish Teacher, Department Chair 434-239-2636 Email  
Armes, Cory Social Studies Teacher, Cross Country Head Coach 434-239-2636 Email  
Beard, Robert Social Studies Teacher, Assistant Athletic Director 434-239-2636 Email  
Bolling, Meghan Art Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Bond, Kimberly Science Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Bonheim, Corey Math/Science Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Bowles, Kerry Student Counselor (H - R) 434-239-2636 Email  
Brewer, Cathy Nurse  Email  
Burnett, Jeff Assistant Principal 434-239-2636 E-mail  
Burns, Wanda Special Education Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Cardwell, Teddy Science Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Carlson, Karen Guidance Counselor (A-G) 434-239-2636 Email  
Carpenter, Christopher Math Teacher  Email  
Cole, Tom Principal 434-239-2636 E-mail  
Cook, Brandon Math Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Cooter, Jessica Spanish Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Cowden, Gary Math Teacher  Email  
Dalton, Bridget Math Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Daniels, Josh Weight Training Teacher, Football and Softball Coach 434-239-2636 Email  
Daniels, Traci Director of Student Counseling (S - Z) 434-239-2636 Email  
Davis, Sarah Science Teacher, Department Chair 434-239-2636 Email  
Dyke, Warner Physical Education Teacher, Girls Varsity Basketball Head Coach 434-239-2636 Email  
Emanuel, Megan Drama Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Enloe, Pamela Special Education Aide 434-239-2636 Email  
Enoch, Mildred English Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Epperson, Carol Guidance Secretary 434-239-2636 Email  
Ewers, Liana Math Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Ewers, Owen Carpentry Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Farley, Matt Band Teacher and Director 434-239-2636 Email  
Foster, Robert Social Studies Teacher, Football Coach 434-239-2636 Email  
Fuller, Patty Special Education Aide 434-239-2636 Email  
Glaize, Chris Physical Education Teacher, Basketball Coach, Varsity Baseball Head Coach 434-239-2636 Email  
Glass, Russell School Resource Officer 434-239-2636 Email  
Hansotte, Yvonne Horticulture Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Harkrader, Sarah Chorus  Email  
Harrison, Sterling SpEd  Email  
Hastie, Brett Publications Adviser (Yearbook, Newspaper, Literary-art magazine), Photography, Journalism  434-239-2636 Email Visit BrookvillePubs.com 
Heagy, Christine Latin Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Hensen, Tammy Attendance, Front Office Aide 434-239-2636 Email  
Hudson, Rachel Guidance Aide 434-239-2636 Email  
Jester, Scott Social Studies Teacher, Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach 434-239-2636 Email Website 
Kidd, Larry Athletic Director 434-239-2636 Email  
Kramer, Brooksie Librarian 434-239-2636 Email  
Kuettner, Jerina Special Education Aide 434-239-2636 Email  
Lee, James Special Education Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Lester, Debbie Social Studies Teacher 434-239-2636 Email Website 
Llewellyn, Shannon English Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Lovitt, Kory ISS  Email  
Markey, Bobby Math Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Martin, Heather Physical Education Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Maxwell, Janet English teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Meeks, Jon Special Education and Physical Education Teacher, Head Varsity Football Coach 434-239-2636 Email  
Morgan, Jonathan Spanish Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Mullins, Leah English Teacher 434-239-2636 Email Website 
Perkins, Chip Instructional Technoligist  Email  
Piatt, Breanne Athletic Training Teacher, Athletic Trainer 434-239-2636 Email  
Pieleck, Joyce Special Education Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Porter, Cora Beth Special Education Teacher, Department Chair 434-239-2636 Email Website 
Reed, Hank Science Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Regan, Julie Math Teacher, Department Chair 434-239-2636 Email  
Revely, Bernet Technical Drawing Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Sawyer, Amy English Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Scharnus, Kim Business Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Scott, Aaron Social Studies Teacher, Girls Varsity Soccer Head Coach 434-239-2636 Email Website 
Scott, Jeff Student Support 434-239-2636 Email  
Shackelford, Barbe ELL Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Sharman, Lindsey Science Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Shuler, Don Art and Computer Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Songer, Timothy Biology Teacher  Email  
Staley, Leslie Social Studies Teacher, Department Chair 434-239-2636 Email Website 
Stewart, Warren Physical Education Teacher, Wrestling Head Coach  Email  
Stinnett, Pam Bookeeper 434-239-2636 Email  
Stuckey, Jennifer English Teacher 434-239-2636 Email Website 
Summy, Cheryl Special Education Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Tate, Laura Science Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Thompson, Danielle Special Education Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Thurman, Julia English Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Turner, Kendra French Teacher 434-239-2636 Email  
Tyree, Cindy Office Secretary 434-239-2636 Email  
Washburn, Dayn History Teacher  Email  
White, Christine Assistant Principal/School Testing Coordinator 434-239-2636 E-mail  
Wolk, Amy English Teacher  Email  
Showing 82 items