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Teacher: Kendra Turner

French I
French I introduces the French language and the cultures in which French is spoken. Students develop a basic ability to
communicate in the language by listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Additionally, students acquire a familiarity with
French-speaking cultures and their relationship to our own. Students also learn to use accurate and culturally
appropriate vocabulary and structures through their exposure to a variety of resources, including culturally authentic

French II
French II reviews the basic elements of spoken and written French and expands students’ control and creative use of the
language. Students continue to develop their communication skills in all four language areas—listening, speaking,
reading, and writing. The art, music, history, geography, traditions, significant persons, and perspectives of Frenchspeaking
cultures are explored in more depth, primarily in French and in culturally accurate settings.

French III
French III expands students’ control and creativity in French in culturally accurate settings. Students use French to
enhance their knowledge of history, geography, traditions, perspectives, and significant persons of French-speaking
cultures. They also continue to explore French literature, art, and music, as well as to create their own spoken and written

French IV Honors
French IV continues to expand students’ control of and creativity in French. Students use French to study in depth the
history, geography, traditions, perspectives, and significant persons of French-speaking cultures. Students read literature,
study art and music, write compositions, and prepare oral presentations.

French V Honors
As an immersion course, French V provides students with an opportunity to use French in the same context as, and with
the same perspectives of, French native speakers. Students read more complex literature, perform plays, watch and
listen to media targeted to native speakers, write creatively, and discuss social issues and current events. Students who
successfully complete this course will be prepared for advanced French study in college.