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Spanish I Teacher:  John Alley

Spanish I is an introduction to the basic elements of spoken and written Spanish and to the cultures in which Spanish is spoken. Basic structures and vocabulary are developed through practice with the interactive processes of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the target language. Students are encouraged to use Spanish as much as possible by communicating in real-life contexts about topics that are meaningful to them. Students develop a familiarity with the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries and their relationship to our own. 

Spanish II Teachers: John AlleyJon Morgan

Spanish II reviews the basic elements of spoken and written Spanish and expands students’ control and creative use of the language, as well as their proficiency in the communication processes. The history, geography, traditions, significant persons, and perspectives of Spanish-speaking cultures are explored in more depth, primarily in Spanish and in culturally accurate settings.

Spanish III Teachers:  Jessica Cooter

In Spanish III, students continue to develop their proficiency in the communication processes by interacting with other speakers of Spanish, comprehending oral and written messages in Spanish, and using Spanish in oral and written presentations. Students enhance their knowledge of the history, geography, traditions, perspectives, and significant persons of Spanish-speaking cultures, use Spanish to experience literature and the arts, and explore ways in which their knowledge of Spanish and Spanish-speaking cultures can enrich their lives.

Spanish IV Teachers: Jessica Cooter

Spanish IV enhances students’ creativity and expands their written and oral skills. In this course, students use Spanish to engage in discussions and create compositions and oral presentations in order to compare and contrast cultural elements in the Spanish-speaking cultures.

Spanish V Teachers:  Jessica Cooter

As an immersion course, Spanish V provides students with an opportunity to use Spanish in a variety of contexts. Students read literature, deliver presentations, write creatively, discuss social issues, and explore how their knowledge of Spanish and Spanish-speaking cultures can enrich their lives and careers.