Early College Program

The Early College Program is a unique and exciting partnership with Central Virginia Community College. Early College is a two year program designed to allow selected juniors to earn an Advanced Studies high school diploma from their home schools and an Associate of Arts and Science Degree in General Studies from Central Virginia Community College at the same time. Students will attend the college courses at the Campbell County Technical Center in the morning and have the option of returning to their home school in the afternoon to take elective courses and participate in extra-curricular activities. 

Sophomores enrolled in Campbell County Schools with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and enrolled in Pre-AP Algebra II/Trig (or higher level math course) and have successfully completed Algebra I and Geometry are eligible to apply. Students must pass the Compass Assessment in mathematics and English to accept the invitation to the Early College Program. All students accepted into the program must participate in the orientation program.  

Tuition will be shared by Campbell County and the parents/students. The amount paid by the parent will be determined annually.