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Brookville Strong

In addition to the field house donation,
the 2015 senior class partnered with administration and the publications program
to organize BrookvilleStrong.org, an
 initiative to keep them in touch with each other
and the school. Now those graduates wants you to be part of this movement as well. 
Call it
an outlet for BHS news, an alumni organization or both. 

It doesn't matter if - 
  • You're a current student or a parent of one
  • You graduated 2 years ago or 60 years ago 
  • You teach here, taught here or just live in the area 
  • You're currently in Lynchburg, San Francisco or abroad 

We believe there is strength in community and that Brookville is bigger
than just four walls. As it grows so will this idea.  Fill out the form below
to be part of the community and for updates on everything Brookville. 

BEE in the know!

Brookville Strong Initiative - Alumni Contact Form