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AP Statistics

Course Description:

Advanced Placement Statistics is a course designed to introduce students to the tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. The course incorporates The College Board Advanced Placement Course which exposes students to the following four themes: 

1. Looking for patterns in data 
2. Planning and conducting studies 
3. Exploring data using probability and simulation
4. Estimating population parameters and testing hypotheses 

Graphing calculators will be used in the course. There is no SOL test given for this course. 

Students receive weighted credit for participating in AP classes, they receive college credit only by achieving a high score on the College Board’s Advanced Placement Tests. There are fees for each test, which students will be responsible for paying. Colleges have different criteria for awarding credit for scores on AP tests, and it will be the responsibility of students to contact colleges to ascertain their policies regarding Advanced Placement scores.


Bobby Markey