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AP Biology

Course Description:

Advanced Placement Biology is designed to be equivalent to a first year college biology course Two main goals of the course are to help students develop a conceptual framework for modern biology and an appreciation of science as a process. Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of the unifying themes that integrate three general areas of biology: Molecules and cells, Heredity and Evolution, and Organisms and Populations, as well as, expand and apply analytical and critical-thinking skills to assess the rapidly changing science of biology as it applies to real-world concerns. Students will gain laboratory skills and an appreciation of science as a dynamic process through designing, implementing, and interpreting complex labs. 

Students receive weighted credit for participating in AP classes; they receive college credit only by achieving a high score on the College Board’s Advanced Placement Tests. There are fees for each test, which students will be responsible for paying. Colleges have different criteria for awarding credit for scores on AP tests, and it will be the responsibility of students to contact colleges to ascertain their policies regarding Advanced Placement scores.


Teddy Cardwell

Alyson Childrey