Driver Education


Glaize, Chris

Martin, Heather


Helpful Links/Information:

State of Virginia DMV Website

Steps to Obtaining a Virginia Driver's License (Under 18)

1. Must hold Learner's Permit for 9 months (this is your VALIDATION date)

2. Must be at least 16 years and 3 months

3. Must pass the classroom portion of Driver's Education (must be present for 36 classroom periods, regardless of excuses for absences)

4. Must pass the Range and Behind-the-Wheel portions of Driver's Education

-Can be taken through your school or through a private driving school

5. Complete a 45 hour driving log that is accurate and signed by a parent/legal guardian with their Driver's License number

Steps to obtaining a Learner's Permit

1. Must be 15 years and 6 months

2. Must pass the Sign and General Knowledge Test at the DMV (must answer 100% of signs correctly and answer 80% of general knowledge questions correctly)

3. Must pass a Vision Test (must have glasses or contact lenses if use regularly)

4. Must have birth certificate, proof of residence (parent/guardian Driver's license or piece of mail with billing address), and social security number

5. A parent/legal guardian must be present to obtain the Learner's Permit


1. Must fill out an application and pay $100 to the school (price subject to change). Private driving schools are an option, but typically cost more.

-Applications can be obtained from your Driver's Education teacher. Student is responsible to get this application on their own.

(applications are located in a box that is sitting right inside of the door in room 814)

-Applications should be turned back in to any Driver's Education teacher with payment. They will not be put on the Range list until

payment has been made.

-The deadline for accepting applications for the summer will be 2 weeks prior to the last day of school! NO APPLICATIONS ARE


2. Must turn in a photocopy of their Learner's Permit with the application

3. Students will be notified when they are assigned to the Range. They will be given a paper with their Range dates and times, in addition to other information. Please make sure this paper is read prior to attending the Range.

***Students will be assigned to the Range from the applications turned in based on the earliest validation dates.


1. Once Range has been successfully completed, students will be assigned to an instructor for Behind-the-Wheel. The instructor will notify the student as to when they will be taken out for Behind-the-Wheel. This will consist of 3 days for 2 hours each day. Dates and times for Behind-the-Wheel are subject to each instructor's availability.

-PLEASE BE PATIENT....instructors are taking students out in addition to their daily work schedules.
If a student has a small time frame to get their license on their validation date, then a private driving school may be an option if the school's waiting list is longer.

2. If a student is valid to get their license, it will take 2-3 days AFTER Behind-the-Wheel is complete for their TDL-180 to be ready. It can be picked up in the main office. A parent/legal guardian must be present to sign the TDL-180. NO ONE WILL COME TELL THE STUDENT THAT IT IS AVAILABLE. THEY MUST CHECK IN THE OFFICE ON THEIR OWN.